Making a Living Facilitating Networking Groups: An Insider's Perspective

Networking groups provide a valuable opportunity for business owners and professionals to connect, build relationships, and grow their businesses. But did you know that facilitating these groups can also be a lucrative career path? According to Bill Mueller, co-founder of Start A Network, it is definitely possible to make a living by facilitating networking groups.

Some prominent networking organizations charge in excess of $1,000 per year for access to their exclusive networks. However, most local networking groups range somewhere between $300 to $800 in annual membership fees. The more training and technology offered, and the expertise of the facilitator, are all factors that can determine the fees garnered for membership. Most groups tend to have 10-30 engaged members on average.

Members could include Realtors, Sales Professionals, Financial Advisors, Mortgage Lenders, Small Business Owners, or people just looking for a side hustle. As the facilitator, you earn income from the membership dues, but you also open the door to provide additional services like consulting, social media services, event planning, and more for members. You should develop close relationships and become an integral part of their business growth.

For example, facilitating 6 groups at $500 per member with 20 members each equals $60,000 in revenue from membership fees. But providing additional social media services to even 10% of engaged members at $300 per month results in an extra $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year. The combined revenue potential is over $90,000 annually. 

Here are some tips for maximizing your income as a networking group facilitator:

  • Choose a niche industry or demographic to specialize in.  

  • Offer tiered membership levels at different price points.

  • Generate sponsorship revenue from partners.

  • Provide add-on services like consulting and marketing. 

  • Create premium training, courses and content.

  • Build a strong brand that attracts quality members.

Facilitating networking groups has many benefits beyond the financial rewards. You expand your own network, enjoy flexibility, help others succeed, and gain insider industry knowledge.

If you have strong communication and relationship-building skills, launching your own groups can be a fulfilling and profitable career path. Start promoting your first event and watch your community grow. The sky's the limit!

Start A Network Team

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