Which Professions Thrive in Business Networking Groups

Are you looking to grow your business through a networking group? When starting your own business, especially in the service industry, you quickly realize that joining a networking group can be a great way to connect with potential clients and referral partners. But do all professions benefit equally from networking groups?

According to Bill Mueller, Co-Founder of Start A Network, in one of his recent videos, stated that there are several types of professions that thrive in networking groups such as:


Realtors are typically the number one profession that does extremely well in networking groups. Why are realtors so successful in networking groups? Realtors greatly benefit from lead generation and word-of-mouth referrals. Networking events allow realtors to connect face-to-face with many potential clients and referral sources. They are able to build lasting  relationships with people they see and interact with regularly, demonstrate their expertise, and gain those all-important referrals.

Financial Advisors

After Realtors, financial advisors are often the next most successful profession in networking groups. Financial advisors also rely heavily on referrals and relationships. Networking events allow them to connect with people who may be looking for help planning for the future or people who need advice now.. Financial advisors also typically partner with other professionals like accountants and attorneys who often pass referrals to each other. 

Insurance Agents 

Insurance agents also tend to thrive in networking groups. Like realtors and financial advisors, insurance agents rely on referrals and networking groups to grow their business. Networking events allow them to interact directly with other business owners who might share the same types of customers. Insurance agents generally partner with realtors, financial advisors, and other professionals who can help solve issues for their customers. 


For roofers, in-person networking allows them to connect with property managers, realtors, and other professionals who typically have customers in need of their services. Having deep connections in place with people in these types of professions are the lifeblood of roofing contractors.  


Choosing Complementary Professions

While some professions thrive naturally in networking groups, it's important to invite other small business owners that will complement your own industry. For example, a realtor may invite a mortgage broker, home inspector, and contractors who all mutually benefit from the same customer. A financial advisor may partner with insurance agents and attorneys.

What are some examples of professions that typically work well together in networking groups?

  • Realtors + Mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors

  • Financial advisors + Insurance agents, accountants, attorneys  

  • Dentists + Orthodontists, pediatric dentists, hygienists

  • Chiropractors + Physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists

  • Photographers + Videographers, makeup artists, wedding planners

  • Home service pros + HVAC, plumbers, electricians

The key is to strategically build relationships with other people who serve the same customers you do but offer complementary services. 

Tips for Successful Networking

If you want to maximize your value in networking groups, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Actively participate in conversations and meetings

  2. Meet with other members of the group regularly to share ideas

  3. Offer referrals and advice to other members 

  4. Follow up promptly when someone reaches out from the networking group.

  5. Track referrals so you know which relationships are fruitful

Remember to be consistent and focus on building mutually beneficial relationships. Choose groups with professionals that align with your business niche. With the right strategy, networking can help skyrocket your business growth.

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