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Success Stories: Transforming Businesses with Start A Network


Elena Sweetster from The Sweetster Team with Real Brokers shares her success story using Start A Network to manage and grow her thriving networking group, DFW Professionals.

Discover how Start A Network has transformed her business by fostering collaboration, driving clients to her real estate business, and empowering her to become a leader in her niche. Learn about the platform's key features and the benefits of creating your own networking group to propel your business forward.

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Start A Network Overview


Imagine a platform that connects people and fosters meaningful relationships while offering you complete control over your network's growth and communication. Start A Network is your all-in-one solution for professional networking management and communication.

Experience the convenience of staying connected with fellow members through private group chats, direct messages, and curated professional connections. The activity feed keeps you updated with important network happenings, business insights, and valuable advice from the group.

Power Your Network

Unlock the full potential of your network with our comprehensive product plans designed for network owners. Whether you're just starting or looking to expand your network's capabilities, our plans provide the tools and flexibility you need to succeed.

Start a Network Basic

All the Essentials In One Place

$149.95 / year

An annual subscription plan for network owners who want essential features.

  • Customizable Group Website
  • Generative AI Tools for Content Creation
  • Messaging
  • Group Collaboration
  • Private Member Profiles
  • Administration
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Start a Network Pro

Monetize Your Network

$495 / year

An annual subscription plan offering additional features.

  • Everything Included in the Basic Plan
  • Establishing Membership Levels
  • Monetization
  • Featured profiles for members on the group website
  • Member directories on the group website
  • And more...
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Looking To Join a Network?

At Start a Network we wanted it to be simple for our subscribers to join a Network(s). Start A Network only charges $24.95 per Network joined. It is best to check with the owner of the network you want to join prior to purchasing another “Join a Network” credit as network owners have the option to cover this fee for their members if they choose.

Need Help Choosing the Perfect Plan?

Are you struggling to choose the perfect Start A Network plan for your business?

Let us help you navigate through our flexible options and find the ideal plan tailored to your specific networking needs, ensuring your journey towards creating a successful and thriving network is seamless and stress-free.


Case Study: Saving Time while Growing Your Business!


Managing different groups can be exhausting, especially with various communication tools. Whether it's business networking, social clubs, or community organizations, "Start a Network" simplifies the process with an all-in-one solution.

It's never too late to benefit from the "Start a Network" Platform and App. Users get the ability to create and join multiple networks, each with a strong web presence, managerial control, member exposure portals, internal communication tools, social media integration, AI features, and monetization options for owners.

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Thinking about starting your own network but not sure where to start? Your free e-book will help you understand the differences in current network styles and how to establish and grow each type. You can use it as a roadmap to running your own network and the best part is it is absolutely FREE!.

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Expand Your Influence

By giving you as a network owner complete control to customize your community's public-facing pages, invite visitors, publish original content, solicit member testimonials, and promote activity across other platforms, our app empowers you to shape an engaging hub that spotlights your unique vision and amplifies your voice.

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Become A Leader

Network creators create and cultivate purpose-driven communities from the ground up setting guidelines, controlling memberships, fostering connections, facilitating collaborations, spotlighting profiles, guiding discussions, and more, our app empowers any passionate visionary with mentorship potential to firmly establish themselves as a leader, guide and role model to members.

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Monetize Your Network

Integrated payment processing gives network owners multiple avenues to generate revenue, recoup costs, incentivize participation, and transform their community into a thriving commercial ecosystem. Create customizable membership tiers including premium upgrade options to get complete control over member joining fees.  

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Reall Love the linearity of the UI and enjoy how easy it is to stay in contact with everyone in my networking group!.

Sean O'Neil

I love where the platform is headed.  I use it to promote my Wise (Women in Successful Entrepreneurship) Women's Network.  

Nicole Serralta

Start A Network has been insturmental in my networking group. All the members can come together, collaborate and promote each other.

Elena Sweetster

Everything You Need In One Place

The Start A Network platform makes finding your ideal community seamless. The heavy lifting is done for you. So you can stop the endless search and start connecting. 

Group and Direct Messaging
Exclusive Access to Member Contact Info
Tools To Promote Your Network
AI Assisted Spotlight Articles
Customized Public Pages
Share And Collaborate


Start a Network is much more than a communication app. It offers a host website featuring your group or network. Websites can have unlimited member portals allowing members to market themselves to the general public. Our App also provides fellow members an easy way to share each other’s portal and member profile to various social media outlets. Our inter-network messaging system is perfect for sharing leads and for group texts.

Start a Network is extremely versatile. If you can dream it, we can probably host it. Just a few ideas for some of the applications our product can service include: business and social networking groups; businesses, especially ones wanting to feature their employees; sports clubs; chambers of commerce; associations; any organization that is member driven!.

No, it is as simple as pushing on the logo of the app you wish to switch too. When you switch networks, you will see only the members and information that pertains to that particular group!

Yes, not only will your network get picked up by search engines but individual member profiles will also be scanned by search engines. The owner of the network has the ability to control which members receive various permission settings. We also have a Spotlight Section that is similar to a blog with AI writing assistance. These blogs, with pictures and or video links can also get picked up by search engines for increased exposure.

Absolutely, we will have all networks searchable by type and location, with the ability for visitors to be able to request to join as long as the network owner doesn’t want to remain anonymous. However, it is important to remember that since our formal launch will be on February 15th, 2024 it will require time put enough networks on to our systems to have a robust search for all areas of the country.

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