The Power of Building a Business Community in 2024

The Power of Building a Business Community in 2024


As we enter 2024, developing a strong community around your business is becoming increasingly vital for success. If you don’t have a community of customers, partners, and advocates around your company this year, it could be a tough road.


Harvard Business Review predicts that the future of business will be more open, connected, and community-focused. 

In our opinion, if you can build that community, you’ll likely see strong growth while other businesses struggle.


What Does a Business Community Look Like?


A business community is really just different networks of people who interact with and support your business each and every day.  This includes partners, vendors, employees, customers, fans, networking contacts, or anyone else tied to what you do.


What is the power of a thriving business community?


I had a friend who needed to find a battery for a portable PA system.  He needed it asap so he wanted to find it locally.  Instead of going straight to Amazon to see if he could get it with same day delivery or doing a Google search, he used a battery enthusiast discord channel to find a local battery store. This online community pointed him to a small local shop. The personalized service and relationship he built with the owner made him a permanent fan and delivered an experience Amazon will never be able to match.  Now if he needs a battery of any kind, he thinks of this shop first!


How can you build a business community to support you into 2024 and beyond?  We think there are three steps that you need to take to build a thriving business community.


3 Ways to Build Connections

  1. Create an Exclusive Clubhouse

Build private spaces where your community can freely connect, collaborate, and support each other with both online and  in-person interactions.  Make your community feel special and exclusive.  You can do this for each and every network you're a part of.  Use a good toolset like Start A Network, where you can build and promote your community online and in person.


   2. Spotlight Each Other

Go beyond the typical "share my profile" posts. Actively create and promote spotlights, articles, and meaningful content about and with each other.  Don’t forget to reward the positive behavior; You may consider sending gift cards or even just a thank you card for a referral.  

   3. Make In-Person Connections

Combine digital spaces with real-life events and meetings to foster deeper personal bonds.

The Power of using Start A Network to build your business Community


One Start A Network’s customer, The Roanoke Texas Business Alliance, founded by Bill Mueller, CEO of Start A network has effectively used the three steps outlined above to  become one of the most connected and communal networking groups in the DFW area in our opinion.  But they were a little biased! 


Coming February 15th: Start A Network App 2.0


To further strengthen communities, we are launching VERSION 2.0 OF THE START A NETWORK APP on  Feb 15th of this year. Version 2.0 aims to be a giant leap forward in functionality with the ability to bring other types of organizations online besides just professional networks.  It also includes many tools to strengthen your business community connections with activity feeds, improved messaging, etc.!


The goal of version 2 is to foster collaboration and advocacy for Start A Network members under one streamlined platform. 


The Importance of Community in 2024 and Beyond


We believe , “community” will likely dictate business success in 2024 and beyond as the market evolves. Luckily Start A Network offers the tools you need to collaborate and build communities around you to support and help your business thrive.. And with the new features launching soon, connecting members will get even easier.


The key to building a business community is transitioning the way you view networking from brief transactional encounters to genuine communal relationships. This builds loyalty, enhances word-of-mouth promotion, and delivers a competitive edge traditional marketing can’t match.

Start A Network Team

Building The Future of Community