What advice would you give to someone about how to start a business network?

In a recent video, Bill Mueller, the co-founder of Start A Network, discussed the key steps you need to take if you are looking for advice on how to start a business network. We get asked this question a lot, and Bill dives into the nitty-gritty details, providing his years of wisdom on the topic.


1. Invest in Essential Tools for Network Success when starting A Business Network:


Bill stresses the importance of acquiring the right tools before starting a network. In the digital age, a robust technological infrastructure is vital. Ensure your network has tools such as a public-facing website, messaging programs, and seamless integration with social media platforms for enhanced functionality.

2. Focus on Founders to Shape Network Culture:


When thinking about how to start a business network, it’s crucial to understand founders play a pivotal role in shaping the tone and culture. Choose founding members aligned with your values who can contribute to growth. Mueller emphasizes selecting founders with high energy and high integrity for a solid foundation.

3. Prioritize High-Energy and High-Integrity People:


Building a network revolves around people. Make sure you choose members with high energy and integrity. Having the right people in your network helps create a positive and credible community, spurring growth.

4. Leverage Communication Tools:


Effective communication is crucial. Good communication tools can make or break a group, helping them keep in touch in between in-person events. When you’re considering how to start a business network, think about the messaging system and a public-facing website you will use. Make sure it provides the features you need to communicate not just internally, but externally as well. It should allow you to share and endorse your fellow members on other popular social platforms, boosting visibility through search engines.

5. Create a Well-Designed Public-Facing Website:


A professional-looking, public-facing website for your business network adds credibility and boosts visibility. A well-designed website is crucial for attracting new members and establishing a presence in the broader community. When you’re looking at how to start a business network, consider what it would take to get the graphics or site professionally designed and customized specifically for you. If a customized website is out of reach, consider an add-on package from Start a Network that provides a professional site tailored to your brand with custom graphics for only $995.

6. Embrace Social Media Integration for Outreach:


In the era of widespread social media, network owners need to give thought to their social media when they are considering how to start a business network. A good value proposition communicated well across social channels can help set you apart from other networks in your area. 


Thinking about how to start a business network doesn’t have to be complicated. Commit to the key principles outlined here - invest in the right tools, select good founders who are engaged and committed, leverage good communication tools, have a professional public-facing website, and embrace social media.  


If you're stuck, consider the start a network platform, it was designed from the ground up specifically to make this entire process easier for you. We think our tools are the best around for business networks, but hey, we’re biased!  


Good luck in your business networking journey! 

Start A Network Team

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