The Future of Business Networking: How Start A Network is Revolutionizing the Way We Connect

Networking has long been an integral part of growing a business, making connections, and building relationships. In an increasingly hectic world where almost every minute of your day is crammed full, the traditional model of in-person networking events and gatherings is becoming difficult to manage. Start A Network recognized this shift and made it our mission to redefine networking for the digital age. 

Founded on the idea of improving the business networking experience, Start A Network quickly realized that just enhancing existing networking tools was not enough. The future of networking looks far different than traditional models, so we shifted our vision to build a platform that facilitates meaningful connections in a hectic world.

Rather than conforming to prescribed groups and events, the Start A Network allows each network owner to customize and curate their own networks based on the communities and relationships most significant to them. This includes professional circles, industry colleagues, church groups, kids' activities, and more.

Some of the key features Start A Network is developing to power next-generation networking include:

  • Activity Feeds Specific to Each Network: Users can post updates, share articles, and interact with their different networks through separate feeds designed for each community.  That means you're seeing the information from the people that are most relevant to you, instead of a hodge podge feed of “trending” posts.
  • Search and Discovery: People should have the freedom and flexibility to  explore and find new networks to join based on interests and goals, not just invites.
  • Public and Private Messaging: Direct messages provide private conversations while group messages allow users to communicate news and ideas to parts of their network or the entire network. 
  • AI-Powered Spotlights: Automated spotlights showcase and highlight what you and your members are doing.

Start A Network aims to help network owners and network members  manage the communities relevant to their professional, personal, and social lives. 

Start A Network wants people to start thinking about networking differently.  We think that every interaction a company has and every interaction you have with a group of people is really interacting with a network. 

While networking will always depend on authentic relationship building, Start A Network is evolving the tools to enable those relationships to start, grow, and thrive in the digital sphere. Whether you're a corporation managing multiple customer and supplier networks or a parent connecting with after school activity groups, Start A Network empowers you to curate your own networking universe.

With a vision focused on revolutionizing networking, Start A Network represents the future of connecting and cultivating meaningful relationships through technology. The platform's user-centric approach stands to make networking more targeted, engaged, and impactful than ever before.

Brian Botch

Building The Future of Community