The Importance of Getting Sales Staff Involved in Business Networking Groups


Business Networking is a crucial activity for any sales team looking to generate leads and build lasting relationships with potential customers. Bill Mueller, co-founder of, explains how business networking groups are a great opportunity for you as a sales manager, to have an effective and affordable way to boost your team's productivity and reliability.  It also helps connect your sales team to the community at large which can lead to future business.


Don't overlook the power of business networking for your sales team – it could be the key to unlocking untapped opportunities and lead to otherwise undiscovered customers.  When your sales staff actively participates in business networking, they're not just selling – they're building relationships. These relationships more often than not tend to lead to the best sales opportunities and referrals. In addition, by connecting with other people in related industries, your sales team can stay updated on trends, learn from others' experiences, and find new ways to improve their sales techniques.


Building Relationships Through Business Networking


Business networking offers you the unique advantage of establishing direct, in-person connections with clients and referral partners.  This is something unique to business networking and not found in most other lead generation methods.  When your sales team is a part of a business networking group, they have the opportunity to showcase their expertise, earn trust, and nurture connections on a regular basis in a collaborative and welcoming environment. 


The personal connections developed by your sales team are more likely to evolve into promising leads which tend to remain loyal over the long haul.  Building relationships is not just about obtaining sales but also about generating organic leads without advertising to others. 


Start Your Own Group for Lead Generation


While joining an existing networking group is a great place to start, why not create your own.  By creating your own networking group, you can choose the members, control the agenda and schedule and be in the position of authority.  When you have each member of your sales staff run their own networking group, you have now effectively added a multiplier to your lead generation.  Starting your own business networking group becomes easy when you invest in a cost-effective business networking platform like It gives you the opportunity to maximize your efforts and attain bigger outcomes while easing the hassle of setup, management and promotion.  Starting your own business networking group can not only amplify lead generation but also enhance your visibility within your industry, and ultimately has the potential to boost your long-term profitability.


FInal Thoughts


If you are a sales manager, ee believe. it would be wise to involve your sales reps in business networking groups.  If you're not doing it, you're probably missing out on an untapped opportunity.  Better yet have each sales rep start their own!  


It gives them the ability to personally engage with potential customers and referral partners, provides opportunities for lead generation, relationship building, and skill development, potentially driving higher staff productivity and retention rates. 


Investing time in networking can deliver a significant return on investment for minimal costs.  As A sales leader, you simply can not afford to overlook the advantages business networking events provide for your sales reps.


We think the smartest way to do business networking is to use to create and manage all your networks in one place from one application making things simple and easy.  But hey, we're biased!


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