How Can You Get the Most Out of Business Referral Networking?

Business networking can be an incredibly powerful tool for growing and scaling your business. Referral-based networking groups, in particular, offer unique opportunities for you, in particular as an entrepreneur or sales professional, to expand your circle of influence and drive new business. 


Brian, our head of product at Start A Network, was once an active member of a large national referral group that gathered routinely to pass leads and make connections. He credits that experience with enabling him to generate enough new business to hire additional staff and expand his service offerings.


But as time passed, Brian noticed a problem with the group putting so much focus on sharing referrals. There was this feeling that he had to give leads, even when he didn't have any good ones to share. Paying too much attention to trading referrals kind of takes away from what networking is really about making genuine connections.


Business networking is fundamentally about creating authentic connections, fostering community, and developing relationships that mutually support each other's professional growth. Business referral networks can make this a little more difficult to do when they place a heavy emphasis on the referral aspect.


Here are some tips for participating in a business referral network:


Focus on Building Genuine Relationships

Don't just collect business cards; invest time in actually connecting with people and understanding their unique needs. Nurturing real relationships provides the foundation allowing future referrals, group collaboration, and business opportunities to unfold naturally.


At Start A Network, we understand the importance of genuine connections. Through our platform, creating events becomes a breeze. Imagine seamlessly utilizing our built-in collaboration tools, like group messaging, to engage your network before, during, and after meetups. This not only streamlines strategic relationship development but also ensures that your connections are meaningful and impactful.


Seek Out Quality Over Quantity 

One or two solid connections with people whom you truly resonate with can be far more valuable than a sprawling but surface-level network. Focus on aligning yourself with small groups within the larger network where there is a natural fit for you and your business. 


Be Patient

Developing trust and rapport can take time, especially if your business requires a lot of trust, like financial planning, for example. Have realistic goals and take a long-term approach to networking. The activity feeds in Start A Network make it easy to consistently nurture your network connections by staying updated on their latest activity and updates.


Find Ways to Add Value For Others

Use the member-sharing features in Start A Network to easily send out referrals, promoting others in your network. By using these tools, you help not just your connections succeed but also make the community more collaborative.


Avoid Pressure Tactics

Groups that mandate or aggressively incentivize referral-giving can undermine the organic growth of real relationships. Let genuine word-of-mouth promotion and collaboration requests arise naturally as you build trust and rapport.


Embrace Community Over Transactions

Seek out networking groups that foster a cooperative spirit and sense of community, not just a transactional mindset. The most enduring business connections happen in environments of mutual support and shared success.


At Start A Network, we strive to make your networking experience seamless, enjoyable, and, most importantly, effective in building meaningful connections. Invest in these real connections, and you'll be positioned to elevate your brand, connect with ideal partners, and ultimately accelerate your business's success.





Start A Network Team

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