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8:00 AM Thursdays, Wine 30 on Oak St., Roanoke TX

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Our Mission is to make Roanoke, Texas, Business Alliance the Premier Business Networking Group for the Metroport/Alliance, TX area. We are not just another lead sharing group we are a life sharing group! We actively refer and endorse our fellow members and we would love for you to consider becoming a part of our family.


Wine 30 on Oak St., Roanoke TX


Every Thursday from
8:00 AM to 9:00 am

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Where We Meet

Our home is Wine 30 on Oak St., Roanoke's Finest Wine Bar!

Wine 30 on Oak St., Roanoke TX

Wine:30 on Oak St. is in the heart of down town Roanoke Texas. A place to gather with friends or just come in to relax and enjoy an excellent glass of wine. Offering wine by the glass, bottle or flight tasting in house as well as by the bottle to enjoy at home.

Event Schedule

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See an event you like, come and join us. Our events are open to the public and our meetings are open to our Exclusive Profession Specific Members as well as first and second time Visitors! Not a member but see a speaker your are interested in, or wish to support, we would love to have you join us.

Coupons & Specials

Specials and Coupons offered by our members and advertisers to incentify our community to Shop Locally!

Free Tip of The Week

Free Tip of The Week

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30-minute free consultation for business automation services

30-minute free consultation for business automation services

Want to learn more about how automations can help bring your business to the 21st century? It is absolutely crucial for any small business to have systems in place to allow you to focus on what you do best.

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Come visit us at our next meeting; we welcome Visitors, no signup required. However, if you pre-register and let us know your coming, we will have a special gift for you at the door!


  • Regional Business Alliances are Dynamic Professional Networking Groups that not only met in person but also uses State-of-the-Art proprietary software to enhance communications amongst members. Regional Alliances are made up of business professionals who are committed to Personal and Professional Integrity and Growth! As Business Alliance Members, we strive to help other like-minded Community Business Leaders and Owners prosper!

  • We are a new kind of Networking Group, in addition to our regular weekly meetings and social gatherings we put the power of the internet and social media behind what we do! We support our members through a dedicated portal on "Start A Network" a newly designed state-of-the-art business networking platform and app to increase member exposure, communication capabilities, and to help market their products and services via the internet and social media. Spouses are not only invited to attend our social gatherings; they are highly encouraged to attend. Additionally, most networks make a sincere effort to give back and make an impact in their community through various non-profit organizations. We don’t take advantage of our member’s time and burden them down with administrative positions and duties. Although we covet membership participation, and ideas to help grow our alliance, we understand members participate to build business relationships and close friendships not to add another weekly task to their agenda. Although we may ask for volunteers to head up a social gathering etc., we won't weigh members down or obligate them to regular weekly tasks unless it is a part of their specific membership agreement.



  • Lead sharing is a natural byproduct of becoming a close group that cares about the success of our fellow members. Leads that pass between members of the group tend to be “Action Leads”. Which simply means just that: a consumer who is ready to take action.

  • 1. Admission: to all in-person Semi-monthly Meetings.

    2. Membership Directory Listing: The Membership Directory Listing has your picture and your business tite and is linked

    directly to your Member Profile.


    Member Profile Includes:

       A.  Professional Summary: Your picture, title, and brief summary of your skillset and the qualities that uniquely qualify

    you to serve your clients. Typically, you will want to provide your expertise, scope of your work and your


       B.  Fast Facts: A few facts that prospective clients would find interesting and things you would want prospective

    clients to know about you or your business.

       C. Business Profile: Information about your company.

       D. Testimonials/Reviews: Testimonials or reviews from people that are familiar with your work or a link from

    your Google Reviews.

    Additional Items available to individuals with higher membership levels desiring additional exposure!:

    3. Featured Member Status: Member’s Picture and Title prominently displayed in a box toward the top of Main Page. The

    Featured Member Section can be reached through a tab on the Navigation Menu as well. The Member’s name is directly

    linked to their detailed Member Profile. 

    4. Coupon/Special Offering: Member receives an editable coupon which allows them to change their specials and

    expiration date at any time. This works excellent for seasonal specials where the items you wish to discount change


    5. Business Showcase Ad: Company’s Business Logo is added in the Business Showcase on the Main Page and has a link

    to the Members Profile Page or a separate company profile. Business Showcase ads are also accessible from the

    Navigation menu. 

    6. Business Spotlights Article: Business Spotlights are like a blog or an advertisement. Sometimes they are written in third person as a special interest story, These articles are displayed for the duration of your membership.

  • Simply let your Regional Manager know if you have questions about a position you don't know if their is a category for or you are concerned whether your profession is already taken by another person in the group. . New categories can be added very easily as long as it doesn't interfere with the primary function intended for another position. For example a construction manager may do roofs, flooring and remodeling but their position does not supersede professions that specialize in roofing, flooring, etc. from becoming a member of the group. Another example would be an attorney. Just because their is a business attorney in the group, it does prohibit a person that is a franchise attorney specialist or a trademark attorney from joining the network.

  • Regional Business Alliances are less regimented, more flexible, and have more fun! Although meetings follow a specific format we Networking Group can adapt and change if we feel it is beneficial to the Alliance. Members input is always welcome. We are business friendly, and can be a great asset for anyone from start-up companies to extremely busy and successful entrepreneurs! Although we would like for our members to make as many of the meetings as possible we understand they are a business professionals with appointments, deadlines and co-workers depending on them. For this reason we are flexible and give members a lot of latitude to have substitutes cover for them.

    We offer a professional way to refer and endorse fellow members throughout social media by simply sharing a link to our professional "Start A Network" Portal. The exposure that comes with your membership provide your business with extensive exposure and significant value.

    If our network grows to only 15 members and each member endorses you on their social media a couple of times a year, there is the potential to have thousands see a personal endorsement for you. Also when they go to see other Alliance Members or check out the marketing for the Alliance itself, there is a high probability they will see many of our other ads as well. The networking group is run by the Facilitator or Designated Leader who usually has an invested interest in the growth and success of the group. Although volunteers may be requested at times for their expertise, our group is not designed to lean heavily on already busy members or guilt or shame them into taking tedious ongoing volunteer positions! Our purpose is not to put you to work but rather to refer work to you! By having social events and inviting your spouse’s we create a closer group and the better you get to know your fellow members the more likely you and your spouse will be to refer them.

  • The Membership Growth Rewards Program is a program designed to reward current members for helping get the word out about our Alliance. We would much rather reward our members than pay for social media advertising or traditional print advertising. Members that invite a new member that ends up being approved as a member will get $250 toward their next renewal when they come in as either a Premium Member or an Elite Member as those were the only membership available when I started this program. This promotion will run through March 2024. Two new members would pay for a Premium Membership ($497) or $500 toward an Elite Membership ($747.) Three new Members would pay for an Elite Membership. ($747.)