Rediscovering the Power of Face-to-Face Business Networking



In a world where we do a lot of our business online, Brian Botch, the product owner at Start A Network believes meeting people in person is still essential. Although online tools like Zoom and Google Meet can be handy, it is the belief of the Start A Network team that nothing beats meeting someone face-to-face when it comes to really getting to know them.


Over the past few years, we've all gotten used to doing things online. Video calls and LinkedIn have become our go-to places for connecting with professionals.


Contrary to meeting someone online, when you meet someone face-to-face, it's different, because there is a limit to how well you can really get to know someone through a screen. You miss out on making that personal connection, and all those little things that make them who they are.


Think about what happens when you meet someone in person. You can shake their hand, look them in the eye, and have a real conversation. You can tell if they're excited, nervous, or interested just by watching their body language. Those are things you just can’t do over video calls.


Start A Network can be the tool to help you effectively merge online and in-person networking! Transitioning from chatting online to meeting face-to-face and from in-person networking to interacting on social media is a natural by-product of the enhanced communication Start A Network customers will come to expect.


If you take the time to be with someone in person it shows you care about the relationship. Plus, it's easier to have meaningful conversations when you're spending quality time together.


This doesn't negate the importance of online tools as they have reshaped the landscape of the world through communication channels, we never dreamed possible. 


Online communication can be instrumental in keeping us in touch with fellow members in between meetings. Webinars are a useful tool even for professional networkers, but it will never take the place of in-person gatherings. 


The better the communication platforms and the communities they represent, the more they will serve to make us desire for more authentic in-person relationships!


Ultimately it comes down to finding the right balance between online and offline activity, especially in a business networking environment.


So, why is meeting face-to-face still important? Because it helps you make deeper, longer-lasting connections. These connections can lead to awesome opportunities for your business. So, don't forget to mix in some in-person meetings alongside your video calls!


For entrepreneurs, balancing online and face-to-face business networking can be hard. But once you get the hang of it, it can really help your business grow. Even though we live in a digital world, don't be afraid to put down your phone, step away from your computer, and meet someone new. You never know what opportunities might come from it.


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