Business Applications for Start A Network’s Cutting Edge Community Building Platform and App!

The uses and the possibilities for monetizing Start A Network are as vast as your imagination! As one of the Co-founders of Start A Network, I would like to shed some light on some of the uses we have discovered as our program morphed from a program designed for a specific use into something that can be used for any size network, organization or community. I hope to accomplish this through a series of on-going articles which will be made available on


It is only fitting that we start out with the use in which we originally designed Start A Network. That was to make life easier and more productive for professional networking group owners and their members. Our goal was to assist professional networking group owners manage, administer, monetize and communicate with their members more efficiently while providing a public facing website and social media referral system to enhance member and group exposure.


As you have probably heard the American Proverb many times, “Necessity is the mother of invention;” that was true in my case as well. I have been managing a professional business networking group for years and was looking for ways I could take my networking group to the next level and make it more efficient. I also wanted to make the program available to networking group owners nationwide that were experiencing the same trials that I was. Our program eliminates countless hours of unnecessary administrative work. I believe time is money and by saving our clients time in today’s hectic and fast-paced business environment, we are adding real value!


In an age where technology dominates communication, the need for a networking platform that seamlessly integrates both online and in-person interactions has never been more apparent.


Hypothetical – Case Use 1 – Professional Networking Groups


It is entirely possible to make a comfortable living by simply managing networking groups! If someone managed just 6 professional networks which averaged 20 people each and charged $475 per member that would provide them with a gross income of $57,000. Not bad, particularly if your networks meet semi-monthly. That is only working 6 days a month facilitating a morning and lunch networking event. Then of course there is some planning, preparation and follow up necessary.


Considering that this would also provide you with an additional 120 members/friends that would be recommending your network and any product or service you chose to sell, that is pretty impressive!


Here are some obvious ways to increase your income:


1. Open up additional Networking Groups! (12 Groups would gross you $114,00 Annually)

2. Increase the number of members in each group. (6 groups of 40 would also gross you $114,00 Annually)

3. Sell additional products! By enlisting the help of your member salesforce from all your groups your individual efforts should multiply several fold. This is true whether you are selling homes or cosmetics!

4. Remember everyone you add to your group is a potential client as well as a referral source for your network and any business you may represent.


Some of the features that will make your groups stand out amongst the competition and help you achieve success are:


Integrating face-to-face and online networking: Start A Network's primary goal is to facilitate meaningful connections through a combination of face-to-face meetings and online interactions. The platform empowers users to schedule and attend in-person networking events while also providing robust social media integration and a powerful internetwork communications app for seamless virtual networking.


Feature-Rich Platform: Start A Network boasts a plethora of features designed to enhance the networking experience. From public-facing websites with member portals to individual and group texting capabilities, the platform offers users a comprehensive suite of tools for communication and collaboration. Personalized action feeds for each network ensure that members stay informed about relevant updates and opportunities as well as member activities.


Membership Flexibility: One of Start A Network's standout features is its flexibility regarding membership. Users have the ability to join multiple networks and seamlessly switch between them with the push of a button. This versatility enables professionals to expand their reach and connect with diverse groups, whether that be for their businesses, academics, sports or special interests!


Empowering Networking Communities: By combining the best aspects of in-person and online networking, Start A Network empowers networking communities to thrive. Members can leverage the platform's innovative features to forge new connections, share insights, and collaborate on projects with ease.


To get your FREE e-book which explains how to create your own business networking group go to, and scroll the page until you see “DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE E-BOOK NOW”


Stay tuned for our next use case scenario “Neighborhood Vendor Guides” coming soon!


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Bill Mueller

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